19 December 2018 | 08:31

call 2019: intelligence of everything

In a technological world ruled by efficiency and optimization/maximization of a daily problem solving, machines are conquering a new decisional level set by the interconnectivity of things far beyond the electronic object. With the technological revolution of Internet of Everything (IOE), the gather of information is dramatically being diversified from traditional electronic devices – such as our...

17 December 2018 | 00:01

seeking new partners

For our second phase of Spektrum (2019-2023), we are seeking new partners to build together the future of our art+sci+tech project. From an event venue we will move in new southern countries (Athens/Milan) focusing in co-production of projects, new labs, education, research and residencies, service for cultural entities, public fundings and private tech sector under the organization of an open...

16 January 2018 | 16:00

OPEN CALL 2018: Creating Empathy

The new open call 2018 of Spektrum focuses on artistic projects and critical discourses reflecting on empathy to specifically question the relation of the self with the other person and generally humans with other life forms.

01 January 2017

Open call 2017: Dark Society

Dark Society invites all artistic works questioning the invisible which is still an agent in processes of Science, Technology and Society. The hidden, the immaterial when brought to extreme consequences, can create a tangible experience of its effect on our everyday life in terms of memory, informations, environment, politics/activism, body and habitat, sexuality and/or on our general but specific...

Open Calls

SPEKTRUM is an open space, receiving regular proposals, launching different calls and inviting artists to give their input for future collaborations. The curatorial format consists of installations, performances, live acts, workshops, conferences and hackathons. Our tags can be read as a mindmap guiding the direction of our research interests. Our calls will also be displayed through key local and international art networks dedicated to residencies and open calls. We are also open to just give feedback on your ideas and suggestions for producing a work / event. You can get in touch through info@spektrumberlin.de