10 February | 20:00

TU Studio Students Concert #522

  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00 sharp
  • Free Entrance 

The group will perform the composition Four6 by John Cage and an improvisation. In conclusion, the participants briefly introduce their instruments and discuss the concepts.


  • Anyere Bendrien (Modular Synth, SuperCollider)
  • Pascal Brun (Pure Data) Paolo Combes (Axoloti, MAX/MSP)
  • Christian Fischer (Matlab, Pure Data)
  • Michael Alexander Kraus (Analog Synth + Pure Data)
  • Pascal Staudt (PushPull)
  • Jan Stoltenberg (Trumpet + LeapMotion + MAX/MSP)
  • Tim Warner (Analog Synth + Pure Data)

Direction: Henrik von Coler