19 December 2018 | 08:31

call 2019: intelligence of everything

curated by Alfredo Ciannameo [photos by Theresa Schubert]

In a technological world ruled by efficiency and optimization/maximization of a daily problem solving, machines are conquering a new decisional level set by the interconnectivity of things far beyond the electronic object. With the technological revolution of Internet of Everything (IOE), the gather of information is dramatically being diversified from traditional electronic devices – such as our TV or washing machine (IOT) – into a new 'horizon of events' mapping the social, psychological, political, economical, environmental, behavioral, religious and so on. According this fact, all realms of nature, through sensing technology, are becoming sources of input for data converging in dislocated servers around the globe; functioning as a network of an intelligence that is suppose to cooperate with us in smart actions.

Algorithms deputed to implement this decisional process, beside the fact we don't really understand them while we know how they work, are setting rules and accelerating performance by means of simulation of behaviors observable in nature. Swarm and climate algorithms, neural networks, machine learning for instance are reproducing, in an artificial domain, statistical models able to describe the architecture of life and the other things and how the process of selection of these informations are 'hold by god'.

In 'Intelligence of Everything', the informational material cooperating with our decision making is something infinitely distributed everywhere and the agency, interconnecting things, is the sense of artistic responsibility in understanding and desiring this relation.

How to cooperate with all the things we can desire on building an ethical and sustainable living?

In the year 2019, Spektrum aims to reflect on this subject while taking its new opportunities for realization and presentation of artistic works re-discussing the sense of intelligence by comprehending new forms of connectivity in terms of creative and critical practice. Along this line, intelligence is available to be unfold in everything as soon we make significance of it by performing new protocols of communication that in principle can be found, beyond technology, in the inner fundamental level of our human experience; relation.

Please send your proposals for installations, performances, workshops, lectures and all possible ways to approach the topic to alfredo@spektrum.community. Submissions will be considered for the 2019 program of Spektrum | art science community.

Theresa Schubert: Milieu2


The Video 'milieu #02' emerged from a microbial performance where Theresa used her feet as a tool for imprinting and collected microbes from the streets of Berlin and compared them to imprints of her own skin. The human microbiome is a perfect example of how biology and philosophy into existential investigations.

In the video you can see camera movements over the grown bacterial landscape and matter that was involved in the performance, which results a poetic study of surfaces and membranes.