17 December | 00:01

seeking a new partner in visual communication

For our second phase of Spektrum (2019-2023), we are seeking new partners to build together the future of our art+sci+tech project in Berlin. From an event venue we will expand in new territories of co-production of projects, new labs, education, research and residencies, service for cultural entities, public fundings and private tech sector under the organization of an open incubator for art. Spektrum will challenge the inclusion of our community method developed in three years of activities in building a new economic model of open participation into the process of creation and critical discussion around innovation.

What we offer:

• Co-ownership of a growing company based on collaborative activities and experimenting new sustainable models of setting up an alternative business based on critical understanding of artistic, cultural and societal mechanisms around the making of science and technology.

• A minimum monthly wage that can increase according the growth of the business

• A rich spectrum of active communities and a large international network of individuals, partners and organizations as fundamental resource to co-design strategies for horizontal development.

• An open and friendly environment where diversity and inclusion are the values for building a shared responsibility imprinted into concrete results.

For further information please contact alfredo@spektrum.community

Partner for Visual Communication


The Partner for the Visual Communication is responsible to create visual content for the communication design of Spektrum on graphics, print and web. Beside, he or she will be involved in the co-creation of new media projects applying innovative ideas and solutions in realization and presentations of products based on research conducted in our art incubator and community work.

  • Ideally you must be a creative with a strong background in product and graphic design with a basic understanding to other art+sci+tech media.
  • You are an entrepreneur who is challenging the opportunity of expanding the current state of the company into new sustainable trajectories of creative technology.
  • You have already some experience in graphic design with a visible portfolio of projects and clients.
  • Product or web design degree is not mandatory but recommended.